29 November 2006

First post from Jeddah

So it's been about three weeks since we moved to Jeddah, and it seems much longer than that. Mostly because we did a lot of stuff since we arrived.
We looked for a suitable compound, and started furnishing it. We were going to IKEA almost every day to furnish the house.
I started driving, and we got "lost" several times. The roads are in many ways one way only, so sometimes things seem near, but we need to make big loops to get there.
I finished the paperwork to get my new Monster car. It should be ready soon, I hope.
Today I'll complete my first full week at work, and so far everything is great. Things are sometimes slow, but it's normal I guess. I just got internet access at work, but we still did not get even a phone line at home.

31 October 2006

Leena's farewell

Today is the last day for Leena. Here are her farewell pictures, from PicasaWeb

30 October 2006

Leena and Ayman's

Hi there. Here you will find our blog, regarding life, thoughts, and updates.

Stay tuned.